Yapool Seijin
(O grande vilão desta série


1 Shine! The Five Ultra Brothers Monster: Velokron
2 Surpass the Chohju Monster: Chameleking
3 Burn! Chohju Hell Monster: Vaxxim
4 30,000 - Year Chohju Appears Monster: Garan
5 Giant Ant Chohju vs. Ultra Brothers Monsters: Gironman, Aribunta
6 Pursue the Mystery of the Transformation Chohju! Monster: Brocken
7 Kaiju vs. Shohju vs. Sejin Alien: Metron Seijin Jr. Monsters: Murochi II, Doragoris
8 Life of the Sun, Life of Ace Alien: Metron Seijin Jr. Monsters: Muruchi II, Doragoris *See episode 7 for pics
9 10,000 Chohju! Suprise Attack Plan Montster: Gammas
10 Battle! Ace vs. Hideki Goh Alien: Fake Hideki Goh (Achira Seijin)
Monster: Zaigon
11 The Chohju is Ten Women? Monster: Unitang
12 The Red Flower of Cactus Hell Monster: Sabotendar
13 Execution! The Five Ultra Brothers Monster: Barabas
14 The Five Stars that Scattered Throughout the Galaxy Alien: Ace Killer
Monsters: Barabas, Robot Ace
15 Curse of the Black Crab Monster: King Crab
16 Monster Story: Cow God Man Monsters: Bull Man, Cowra
17 Monster Story: The She - Devil of Firefly Field Monster: Hotarunga
18 Lend Me the Pidgeon Monster: Black Pigeon
19 Mystery of the Kappa's Residence Monster: King Kappa
20 The Star of Youth - The Star of a Couple Monster: Zemistiar
21 I Saw the Phantom of a Heavenly Woman! Monster: Aprasall
22 Yapool, Demon of Revenge Monsters: Black Satan, Space Mask
23 Comeback! Zoffy Now Arrives Monster: Giant Yapool
24 Look! A Giant Transformation in the Middle of the Night Monsters: Mazaron-man, Mazarius
25 The Pyramid is a Chohju's Nest!

Alien: Orion Seijin
Monster: Sphinx

26 Total Annihilation! The Five Ultra Brothers Alien: Hipportio Seijin
27 Miracle! The Ultra Father Alien: Hipportio Seijin *see episode 26 for pic
28 Farewell Yuuko, Sister of the Moon Monster: Lunatyx
29 The Sixth Ultra Brother Alien: Ungramon Seijin
Monster: Gitagitanga
30 The Ultra Star that Even You Can See Monster: Red Jack
31 From Seven to the Hand of Ace Monster: Baktari
32 With a Prayer Upon the Ultra Star Monster: Coakes
33 Shoot that Hot-Air Balloon Monster: Bad Baron
34 A Chohju Dances on an Open Rainbow Monster: Kaiteigagan
35 A Gift from Zoffy Monster: Dreamgillas
36 This Chohju 10,000 Phones Monster: Soundgillar
37 The Star of Friendship Forever Monster: Machres
38 Resurrection! The Ultra Father Monsters: Snowgiran, Namahage,
39 The Life of Seven! The Life of Ace! Alien: Fire Seijin
Monster: Firemons
40 Give Back the Panda! Alien: Steal Seijin
41 Ghost Story! Lion Drum Monsters: Kaimanda, Shishigoran
42 Mystery! The Resurrection of Monster Woo Monsters: Iceron, Woo II
43 Ghost Story! Cry of the Yeti Monster: Fubugilara
44 Setsubun Ghost Story! The Shining Bean Monster: Onidevil
45 Big Pinch! Save Ace! Monster: Gaseron
46 Ride Beyond the Time Machine! Monster: Daidarahoshi
47 Curse of the Salamander Monster: Hanzagiran
48 Revenge of Velocron Monster: Velokron II
49 The Flying Jellyfish Monsters: Univarlages, Aquarius
50 Mass Chaos in Tokyo! Traffic Signals Gone Haywire Alien: Revole Seijin Monster: Signalion
51 Life - Sucking Sound Monster: Geegon
52 Tomorrow's Ace to You! Alien: Simon Seijin Monster: Jumbo King